“I am a compost – ist, not a post-human – is: we are all compost, not post – human.” Donna Harraway

The ‘Holy Compost’ is celebrating the process of composting and decay as nature’s ultimate circular and sustainable system both on a physical and poetic level. It serves as an indoor and outdoor composting module enabling households to add another category to their trash cycle. The users are able to grow their own soil from the organic leftovers they produce. With the help of worms, bio-waste is recycled at home into a nutrient-rich biofertilizer, conveniently and odorless.  The system is made from all-natural material clay. The clay is highly breathable, providing the best possible climate for a worm mini-ecosystem. The shape and form of a Totem should give the soil and the process a holy and sacred connotation. A process and cycle from and with which we should learn and approach our everyday life. The ‘Holy Compost’ should bring us closer to nature within our more domesticated environments while offering a practical module worm composting systems for home gardening and community gardens.