The ‘Home Tide’ collection is formed and shaped by specific data sets, expressed within graphs, and then traced into the respective 3D form. The different pieces should give the data a monumental and tangible medium to be expressed. Through their sculptural appearance, they have the chance to add a poetic side to communicating rather rational data and thus bring it closer to the domestic and aesthetic space. The form should highlight the organic shape of statistical waves and data sets.

Waves appear on many levels and in many contexts of our lives from physical waves, energy waves, poetic waves, and finally the waves that we encounter in statistics and forecasting. Our data and lives seem to be more dominated by the flow and principles of wave patterns and energy dynamics than we might think or are aware of. In different ways, the furniture and forms communicate and tackle specific data and or common waves that we use to make sense of numbers. Ultimately waves offer us a way of reading the world on an inter-human and cultural scale, the ‘Home Tide’ should bring these waves a step closer into our daily lives.